Atlantis was found in 1944 under the name Crisal-Cristais de Alcobaca.

From 1952, Atlantis began to export glass articles to the US and England.

In 1972, the factory was transformed in order to produce crystal – the Atlantis Crystal, full-leaded and manually produced Atlantis Crystal was introduced into the American market. The business was then divided into two functional units: the crystals (produced in Alcobaca), and the glass, (produced in Marinha Grande).

The introduction of Atlantis Crystal in the USA was an enormous success due to the excellent price/quality relation and the differentiation of the modern and innovative design. This achievement enabled Atlantis to triple its crystal production capacity, reaching in a daily production of 7.5 tons in 1974. Thus opening doors to new markets.

In 1996, Atlantis launches a new brand of automatic crystal of inferior quality – Royal Crystal by Atlantis (which is now renamed as By Atlantis series). These special range of crystals are produced overseas through outsourcing, thus subsequently leads to a more accessible prices, which is more attractive to the export markets operators. Moreover, Atlantis is often contracted to do outsourcing for leading market competitors such as Waterford Crystal, Baccarat and Saint Louis.

In May 2001, Atlantis merged with Vista Alegre, creating a holding (VAA – vista Alegre Atlantis S.G.P.S., S.A).